Data sharing

Nevermined is an ecosystem where Data Owners and Consumers can share data in a decentralized and secure way, solving the traditional problem of the counterparties not knowing or trusting each other. The main benefits are that Data Owners can leverage their existing data for value creation and Data Consumers can get access to datasets they couldn't get access to otherwise.

Data Publishing

Easily connect your existing data catalog to the platform and choose which assets to make available for use. Facilitate dynamic, static and on-demand pricing.

Data Discovery

Browse through your organization’s own digital assets and datasets, as well as those of third parties. Query the platform with our intuitive Discovery features.


Seamlessly request access to datasets inside and outside your organization. Perform analysis remotely via Nevermined’s built in Federated Learning and remote Data In-Situ Compute (DISC) analytics capabilities.

Decentralized In-Situ Compute

Run remote computation jobs across your organization’s data or remotely within third party premises. Access new levels of insights by securely mining across complementary datasets.

Federated Learning

With its agnostic capabilities, Nevermined lets you pick the appropriate Federated Learning frameworks to learn across multiple datasets at the same time. Extract value and insights where you could not before.

Data monetization

Discover how you can Effortlessly share & Access data from anywhere

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